LG = Lousy Gimmick

I am one of the thousands of victims of the poor and cheap marketing strategy of LG, a Korean cellphone manufacturer. Boo to me! I hate to tell the entire world wide web that I was violated, abused, and belittled by insensible staff, managers, directors, and big-assed corporate bosses of LG, who were so happy looking at us while we desperately queued for more than 4 hours (!!!), not mentioning the wait before the mall opened and the after-shock when the cheap promo ended with just around 20 units.

That said, I would like to congratulate LG for a job done: that is to humanely use us without compensation to flock at their stores, and make it look like that their product sell like hot cakes! Aside from that, the other thousands of people (including me who was no. 55 in the queue) who were fooled that day would then whine about what had happened (which I am doing right now); thus, creating a free negative buzz about their company. Well, clear enough, bad publicity is still a publicity.

LG sacrificed thousands of people who were ready to buy their Optimus One P500 phone. It may sound too much, but it is just nothing compared to the other millions who still loves LG, to those who don’t care about what had happened to us, and to those who will be misinformed about the success of their “One day, One Hour, One Chance” sale.

Cheers to  LG!

What LG (and I’ve also heared, same happened to Nokia) had done should serve as a lesson to them and to other cellphone manufacturers to win new and existing customers by offering not just the best products but also the utmost customer care and satisfaction.

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