The Third Place

The Third Place is where I want to hang out and unwind over a cup of coffee. This is also the place where I get my yearly planner.

At this early, I already got my Starbucks 2011 planner. I chose the Wood variant from the other two covers: Metal and Velvet.  Thanks to my dear friends who helped me with this yearly wishlist.

LG = Lousy Gimmick

I am one of the thousands of victims of the poor and cheap marketing strategy of LG, a Korean cellphone manufacturer. Boo to me! I hate to tell the entire world wide web that I was violated, abused, and belittled by insensible staff, managers, directors, and big-assed corporate bosses of LG, who were so happy looking at us while we desperately queued for more than 4 hours (!!!), not mentioning the wait before the mall opened and the after-shock when the cheap promo ended with just around 20 units.

That said, I would like to congratulate LG for a job done: that is to humanely use us without compensation to flock at their stores, and make it look like that their product sell like hot cakes! Aside from that, the other thousands of people (including me who was no. 55 in the queue) who were fooled that day would then whine about what had happened (which I am doing right now); thus, creating a free negative buzz about their company. Well, clear enough, bad publicity is still a publicity.

LG sacrificed thousands of people who were ready to buy their Optimus One P500 phone. It may sound too much, but it is just nothing compared to the other millions who still loves LG, to those who don’t care about what had happened to us, and to those who will be misinformed about the success of their “One day, One Hour, One Chance” sale.

Cheers to  LG!

What LG (and I’ve also heared, same happened to Nokia) had done should serve as a lesson to them and to other cellphone manufacturers to win new and existing customers by offering not just the best products but also the utmost customer care and satisfaction.

Rebirth of Online Vandalism

It has been like 48 years since I indulged myself in mostly senseless vent-outs via random word plays here. And now, it feels like the first time to compose myself and rearrange my thoughts in order to make fun the dull ones. Boredom, yeah this very familiar and irritating word, is one of the drivers of this little piece of note that would later shaken up this dusty piece of internet crap.

I think I just missed my online life back when social networking sites were just at the testicles of their creators, and when twitter seemed to be a tiny comment to a blog post.

I rechecked this blog, some other photoblogs, and a domain that I have left idle online after its intestines were accidentally removed from its gut because I forgot to backed it up before its scheduled operation, I mean, downtime.

Blogging again here was unexpected. I even thought of just creating another one somewhere, or relaunching my near-expired domain. However, I am still uncertain. But one thing is sure: This is the rebirth of my online vandalism, either here or in some other corners of the Internet.

iRheythm has a Spirit

It never occurred to me that I would jailbreak my iPod, ever! So, it seemed like I couldn’t wait for the official release of the new iPhone OS 4.0.

(c) flickr:BenKulbertis -- iPod touch jailbroken

Jailbreaking via Spirit was a walk in the park. After the download and launching of the software, one click is all I need.

Now, I have my toy jailbroken. So far, I enjoy tinkering and changing the themes. I have an Android theme installed, which makes it look like an… Android smartphone. LOL!

I also installed Proswitcher, which enables to multi-task — a feature I waited of the OS 4, not to mention the option to change wallpaper.

Geekiness is happiness! ;D

Patience is an iPhone OS 4.0

With the beta release of the new iPhone OS 4.0 for developers, a new excitement fills me. The new software update would mean new features to discover with the now-becoming redundant touch and flicks of my ipod touch. However, I could not wait for the final release this summer, so I tried to download and install the new OS.

One thing to consider though is the registration of my iPod’s UDID via a developer account (if you cannot afford 99 dollar for the enrollment). I’ve searched for other ways to install that bypasses UDID registration, but there seems to be no way to do it, I guess. There are other people who are kind enough to add your UDID in their accounts; there are also those who ask for a reasonable charge and donation.

After hours of searching, I stumbled upon this YouTube user who gives away free UDID registration. Prior to this, I had already emailed two people who offers the same service, hoping that they would do it for free. For the third time I tried my luck with this YT user. All I had to do was to subscribe to his videos and pm-ed my UDID. That day after, I was surprised by his good news: I got registered!

However, the excitement faded because there was no guarantee that my UDID was really added. It was reported that people who tried to update without their UDID registered were unsuccessful. Worse, they cannot even downgrade. I was kind of scared!

At some point, I did not care of the shortcomings should the update would fail. I had the OS and my iTunes ready, though.

No matter how I insisted myself to this madness. Luck really pushed me off my lappy, with the ultimate warning that there is no way I am gonna risk for the update. I think I will just wait until the official release of OS 4.0

Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Single

After I finished my class assignment, I could not help myself but tinker the album covers in my iTunes library. I had been ignoring untitled Oasis songs, so it was a perfect time for me to familiarize with those hits. While doing this, my brother, whom I had been so cruel with last night because he asked for help with his Facebook account, was busy preparing himself with the polo he just borrowed from me. I still feel guilty about the cold and careless treatment I had been showing to his little knowledge about technology and stuff, among other things. I think the borrowed polo was one gesture to settle the guilt in me and the gap I had been making to him.

After I was done naming the songs and putting their respective artworks, which are all in low resolutions because I just rely to Wikipedia, I read more about the band Oasis, and the Gallagher brothers who are the reason of the band’s split up. I just could not imagine that in spite of the success the band has achieved, these two brothers let themselves to be in bad terms.

Now, I am even more guilty.

Juice from the Greymatter

I was bored in the office, waiting for the clock at my workstation to cue me and everyone, so then we could kiss our asses goodbyes for the Holy week. The atmosphere in every corner was already on vacation mode a day ago, while we at the office were still grounded of one more day of work.

I googled to check if there was a new doodle, and viola! I indulged myself on the new sketch. This is one of my pastimes in the workstation…

I googled some more until I stumbled onto a blog that mentioned about me. Oh! I could not believe it! I checked further, read every post, and reread familiar entries copied from her other blog which is by now un-updated. I wonder why she never told me about that transfer. Or my routine had changed that I never got the chance to read and write blogs.

That moment, I was full of thoughts, but they were incoherent, incomprehensible. I attempted to type them, forcing my brain to extract some juice only to realize that the juicer in me had started to wear off. Like the blender I had won three years ago, unused and left aside for decoration.

Whatever, I should start the blender. Now!

The YugaTech Great Gadget Giveaway

The YugaTech Great Gadget Giveaway

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